Product Review Polices

PRODUCT REVIEW POLICIES Though I appreciate receiving and even really enjoy trying new products or services, I do have high standards and some rules.

1) I will only give an honest review: good, bad, glowing or anything in between, sorry those are my rules about product and service reviewing!

2) I’m sorry but I don’t just give a review for the heck of it, if we haven’t tried your product or service, I’m not giving it a review!

3) I do not respond to demands of a glowing reviews (yes, I’ve gotten those kinds of demands)

If you have a product or service that fits well with this blog, feel free to contact me at to discuss your product or service.

I’d be happy to share a discount code on my blog as well as social media if I am provided with one, I’d also run a giveaway on my blog as long as the prize or prize package is of at least a $25.00 value.

My Main policy is that I will only review a product that I have in fact tried and I only give an honest and fair review.

If for some reason a product was defective or there is an issue with a product, I will reach out to the brand before leaving anything less than a 4star review. If for whatever reason a product isn’t at least 4 stars, you the brand does have a choice not to have a review posted. (though I’ve never had to do this) I understand you’re a business and reviews matter.

This disclaimer is added to my sponsored reviews and posts: **I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my opinions, however my thoughts and opinions are my own, the brand has had no say so or input in my review and if that had been a requirement I NEVER would have agreed to review I. I REFUSE to give anything less than an honest review and I will ONLY provide a review on items we have actually tried! I’ve done secret shopping, product testing as well as reviews for over 15 years.

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