Why This Is Important To Me

In Memory of Ruby Angel.....

Of all my years in rescue and all the fosters I've had Ruby Angel, was the only Medical rescue I had that lost her battle.   I've had day old's, Parvo rescues, Puppy Mill rescues and more.    I wrote, "I'm not simply a number" over a year ago and I am just now able to post this and I do so with tears.  

When I had gotten Ruby to foster she had been living on the streets for months, was well undernourished and had visible signs of street life such as scars.  She was fully vaccinated and believe it or not health checked before she was transported here to me.  

After nearly 6 weeks of many lost nights of sleep, constant care and much of my own $$$... poor Ruby Angel lost her battle and that battle was Distemper.....  

Ruby, was named Ruby, because she looked just like one of the resident pups Pearl, except Ruby, was red and a bit larger.  From the Start Ruby and Pearl were two peas in a pod and I knew from day one seeing the two of them together that I would probably end up being a foster failure with her.  

It breaks my heart that Ruby Angel never really knew love, smelling the Spring flowers, fun car rides (not just vet trips), Summer kiddie pool, just being a pup, bed hogging or making snow angels...

Sadly, like many many shelter animals, backyard breeder animals, strays, puppy mill pups or kitty mill kitties, bunny mill bunnies, fighting ring pups, the only crime they ever did was being born and that is not even a crime!!
It is estimated, though I think the estimate is pretty low, that 1.5 
MILLION shelter animals in the US are euthanized or Put To Sleep each YEAR!!!   

Many of those are Gassed in large batches (I know I have a dog I rescued from being Gassed from in a state that we were once stationed in that Gasses!)  We're not talking very very old with no quality of life or very sick, were talking, healthy, young, even puppies and kittens too!

ASPCA Pet Statistics  

In many of the high PTS facilities, these poor animals aren't even in humane conditions or treated humanely!

Please, make adoption one of your options, if not your first option!

I’m not simply a number!

I’m more than a number….  Some simply see us as numbers, but we live, breath, love and have emotions, but now we simply are a number to many.

I may have been some child’s companion or simply a longtime faithful family member, but now I’m simply not the kitten or puppy I once was and now I have grey around my muzzle. 

You may be moving, divorcing, having a baby or you may have simply used me to make money off my babies, who also may have ended up in a place just like this or the only thing we may have done, was simply be born. 

I am more than a number; I may never know sun on my face again or even know kindness or love, to roll around in the grass in the Spring, to play in a kiddie pool in the Summer, to make Snow Angels in the Winter.  Let’s be honest I may never even make it out of here, but I once had a life, I once had a name and I wasn’t simply a number. 

My one wish is not for myself but that those around me make it out of here alive to have the life and love I thought I once had or hoped to have had, that they are never merely a number again but have a name.

Love a shelter animal

E. Bonaldo  
Rescue and Foster mom