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***Sponsored Post: Thanks to the nice folks over at Zesty Paws for providing me with Zesty Paws Omega Bites, Zesty Paws Pure Salmon Oil, and Zesty Paws Mobility Bites for a review. Though I was provided with a product for review I have not and am not receiving any monetary compensation for this post. My thoughts and opinions are all my own and based on my experience with this product.***

Hi Everyone!  Hope your Summer is off to a great start and your able to enjoy some time with family, friends and furbies.  

If you follow me either on social media or on this blog or one of my other two blogs, you probably already know I'm a pet rescue mom.

Our pack consists of 9 dogs from 6 lbs. to 113 lbs. ages 1 yrs to 9 yrs as well as 3 rescue kitties ages 2 yrs to 9 yrs.  some were adopted rescues, some were my actual rescues a few were fosters that were either left here as they were tough placements due to their rough start in life or just simply so badly mistreated previously that they only trust me so they've joined the "pack".   A neighbor whom we dog sit for calls it " Doggie disneyland"  lol

So as you can guess I have some great product reviewers!  

When I had been offered a chance to review a few of  Zesty Paws products it was easy for me to accept since we already purchase, use and are happy with another of their products:  Zesty Paws Probiotic Bites  ***(These Zesty Paws Probiotic Bites and Turmeric weren't provided, these are just a Zesty Paws Product I already purchase)

Some of my favorite things about these Zesty Paws products we were already purchasing as well as the ones we have been provided with to review is:

1) Zesty Paws commitment to transparency 

2) Zesty Paws supplements are natural   

3) Zesty Paws supplements are made in the U.S.A.

4) One of the biggest things I like is that our pets all seem to like and easily accept Zesty Paws supplements without needing another offering such a cheese or Peanut Butter in order to accept it, not even the two dogs and 1 kitty that is very picky!  

5) Another thing I really like about Zesty Paws is that they are fairly affordable compared to other products in the same category and we've purchased many brands with our large pack, sizes and age ranges it can add up quickly, so affordable is great and affordable, works and our pets like and eat them is like hitting a freaking jackpot!

Zesty Paws even sells a smaller sample size pack for some of their supplements which is how we originally tried their Zesty Paws Probiotic Bites, and Zesty Paws is conveniently available and many of them are for both Dogs as well as Cats.
*Something else I thought worth the mention, is:  not only do the bites not have some awful smell that a lot of supplements tend to have but they are easy to break apart or crumble as well, which is great for smaller dogs or even kitties.

Zesty Paws Mobility Bites:

Zesty Paws Mobility are a tender Duck flavored bite that is natural ingredients and contain glucosamine, yucca extract and MSM,  made in the USA

The 3 senior dogs (2 lg and 1 med) as well as our 3 yrs GSD who needs this type of supplement due to being hit by a car as a pup prior to being rescued as well as one of the littles a mini Wirehaired Doxie that has a Luxating Patella.  The biggest change I've seen in the dogs that take this supplement is that our large 113 lb 9yrs dog, is more active, seems to enjoy playing again and clearly moves easier, even on stairs! 

 Zesty Paws Omega Bites:

Zesty Paws Omega Bites are an all natural, tender Chicken flavored omega bites that are chewable treats specially formulated with omegas 3, omega 6, and omega 9

*The Zesty Paws Omega bites are all our dogs favorite of the 3 products Zesty Paws sent us.  Since starting this the dog's winter dry skin has cleared up and a couple of the older dogs had nails that peeled and that too has cleared up, plus coats are soft and shiny!

 Zesty Paws Pure Salmon Oil:

This all natural salmon oil supplement for dogs and cats is made in the USA and contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids

*The Zesty Paws Pure Salmon Oil left the pack a bit divided.  only a few of our dogs enjoyed this mixed in with food and one loved it off the spoon, however, this is a huge hit with all of our 3 rescue kitties, so much so they lick their bowls clean!!

Thoughts overall, I will be adding the Mobility and Omega bites to our subscription list with Chewy and I will purchase the Pure Salmon Oil as I near running out for the kitties. 

The Mobility Bites are impressive to me as the brand we had been using for years is expensive, the quality is much different, consistency varies as sometimes they arrive hard as a rock and I have to wrap them in Cheese to even get them to take them!

The Omega  Bites, which are our dogs favorite, have been a great way to give the dogs Omega.  We've tried several other Omega supplements in the past, most smell awful, some are dry or hard as a rock or are Capsules and Capsules never work, no matter what I put it in!  There is always one dog that ends up spitting it our or biting it and nasty smelly contents go everywhere!  So needless to say I am pretty happy that all our dogs really like the Zesty Paws Omega Bites!

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Thanks for stopping by and for your support, have a Pawsome weekend,
 Missy ♥️