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Hi everyone thank you for stopping by today.  Today I'm sharing some causes that you all know are near and dear to me. 

Though I am a Flexitarian, its still important to me to shop local, sustainable and more humane.

We all know how much the ASPCA does for Dogs and Cats, but did you know that In addition to helping dogs and cats, the ASPCA also focuses on farm animal welfare, working to improve conditions on factory farms and create a more sustainable and healthy food system? 

ASPCA, GRACE Communications Foundation, and the NRDC are working together to help it make it easier for consumers when they are shopping.

ASPCA’s Shop With Your Heart initiative is aimed at helping consumers recognize, locate and demand meaningfully welfare-certified meat, eggs and dairy products as well as plant-based alternatives.

More Resources:

ASPCA Shop With Your Heart website, which includes a plethora of resources on how to find more healthy and humane food options: Shop With Your Heart Website

Label guide that decodes what different labels mean and recommends what to look for: ASPCA Label Guide

Downloadable list of food brands that have higher welfare certifications: Downloadable List Shop With Your Heart

Info on where to find higher-welfare products: ASPCA Higher Welfare List

A Good Groceries Guide on how to help people, animals, and the planet: ASPCA Good Groceries Guide

List of farms that are welfare-certified: ASPCA List of Certified Farms

Downloadable supermarket request card if your grocery store does not carry higher welfare products: Downloadable Supermarket Request Card

Thank you for stopping by today and Good Luck Missy❤️️

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