Sorry I've been MIA

Hi Everyone!

I'm sorry I've been MIA, to say Nov and the first few days of Dec were crazy, sleepless and at times overwhelming would be an understatement.  

Let's see, took in a pup that was going to be dumped at a shelter because the family was relocating and puppy was too young to meet all the vaccine requirements to go to Hawaii. Puppy, was their first dog and clearly not sure on what to do as puppy is a GSD and they were way underfeeding her, she was kept in an unfenced yard of a cheap tie out got loose, probably in search of food!  

Turns out puppy had come down with Garbage Gut and Giardia (so far a bad case of it too because it was untreated) past owners failed to disclose any of this until after we brought her home and she was sick pretty much every hour or two!  

After many Vet trips, were on our 3 round of Panacur, meds and still on Fortiflora,  tons of supportive care on my part (thank goodness I've done rescue and foster for years and know what to do) she is finally down to 3 times a day after 4 weeks, and much lost sleep, gallons of coffee (me, lol) She has even been able to gain a lot of the weight she should have been already.  

During Nov, we also pup sat our neighbor's dog for a week, whom we pup sit off and on for over a year and never once has there been any issues other than the fact that she is crazy spazzy as she spends most of her day in a kennel while they are at school and work.   

Well, out of the blue, she bit one of the Mini-Doxies, the one who is the shortest, smallest of the pack, the one that is so sweet, and I was sitting on the floor near where it happened, so I know for sure it was totally unprovoked and the other dog wasn't even near us at the time!  

It was bad, 3 puncture wounds to the neck of a 9 lb Mini-Doxie by a 32 lb Poodle mix, not good, one almost hit the jugular!  

Anyway, I cleaned it up stopped the bleeding, put medicine on it, even ER vet several towns over said I did the right thing and said get Vet appointment Mon or Tue after (it was late on a Saturday night) and bam, next morning one of the bites is infected and swollen!  

Thank goodness I had Amoxi drops, mixed it up and bite started clearing up.  Our Vet told me what I knew, I did all the right things, though sleep deprived me wasn't sure!  lol

The visit with neighbors dog was, well a roller coaster, got her at 8pm as they had an early early morning flight and airport is at least an hour away!

Well, she kept me(for the most part) and the poor sick puppy who wanted to sleep up until 5:30 am Monday morning and we get up at 5:45!!

That went on for 2 freaking nights!  She doesn't kennel well here with our pack and she will scream bloody murder if we try unless it is for a short 15 min re-set timeout and no Benedryl does nothing for her! lol

She is usually never this bad, ever! 

Somewhere in all this Thanksgiving happened! lol and usually we decorate for Christmas right after Thanksgiving, well other than a fresh Wreath I got when shopping for Thanksgiving Dinner, nothing is up and just haven't had the energy and I love the holidays!  The snow, the sights, sounds, smells, foods, from Halloween until Jan 1st, love it!

Well, enough about me.  I sure hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, are recovered from Black Friday craziness and are having a great week!

Coming this week a Chewy review,  and if they are all here on time I'll post some goodies in my pet subscription boxes.

Thank you for stopping by, we appreciate your support, take care and have a pawsome week!

Missy and the Poochie-Purr Pack! ❤️️  🐢🐱🐾