Why we shop with Chewy

**Though I am a Chewy Influencer, I have been a Chewy customer for years now, even prior to being a Chewy Influencer.  This post is not a sponsored post and I am not being monetarily compensated, however, it may contain products that have been provided to me as a Chewy Influencer.  My thoughts and opinions good or bad, are my own and are based on my or our or the fur families experience with a product or service.

*This post does not contain affiliate links, I just added the links for easier access to the product.  I am not a Chewy affiliate and receive no monetary compensation from them.

A bit about me, I'm a rescue mama to a pack that includes kitties as well as dogs, with the dogs ranging from puppy to 9 years old and from 6 lbs to 113 lbs, plus I also foster from time to time, so sizes and ages can range there as well.

1 dog has Seizures, 2 dogs have Allergies, 1 dog has a Thyroid issue and they all are lap and bed hogs!  lol

As a military family, it became difficult to locate one brand or item after another with all our relocating and that is when thank goodness I found Chewy.com

Chewy has not only made shopping convenient for me because it is nearly a one-stop shop, but there is no lugging the stuff all around from cart to car, to inside the home, there is just waiting on the speedy delivery and unloading the box or in our case boxes!  And for someone with back issues, this is really helpful, especially when I shop with them 2-3 times a month for this pack!

Not only do I find that Chewy has a great selection of products for our fur family, they offer great sizes, prices as well as great service too!  The times I have contacted Chewy's customer service, for a shipping issue or looking for a product or even question about a product, they have always been friendly, helpful and treated me as a valued customer! 

Chewy's customer service has been so amazing, that one time there was an issue with the shipping company due to weather, then the shipper somehow damaged the packages, Chewy not only made sure to get us out the replacement, they had it overnighted!  

This all took place right before the holidays that year! The weather was crazy, several tornado warning and watches so running around to a town an hour away wasn't an option that week, plus we were nearly out of pet food and the local pet store had no replacements for what we needed! 

See My review Below

We already purchased a few Solid Gold product, like cat food as well as another supplement for one of our dogs and while re-purchasing their product for glands was when I had seen this. 

Though our kitties enjoy Solid Gold cat food, I'm on the fence about the product for glands, however, I am not at all on the fence with this Solid Gold SeaMeal!

Honestly when I had seen this product I had a chuckle as it sounded kind of strange, SeaMeal!! Really? 

Anyhoo, 2 of our dogs suffer from seasonal/environmental allergies as our home backs up to a greenbelt, one gets them really bad twice a year and is a mess because of it! 

Spring and Fall, is so bad for the smaller dog he is normally on crazy expensive medicine the for all of Spring and Fall, sometimes the first month of Winter as well! Not expecting much, I gave it a try and I really like the fact that this is offered in a large container as one of the dogs with allergies is 19 lbs and the other is 113 lbs, both are 9 yrs old.

Both dogs, have been on these for nearly a month now and the bigger dogs ears have been great, no smell or itchiness and the small dog's ears are also odorless, no scabbing in his ears or on his body and neither is obsessively licking or chewing! 

Both dogs now have shinier coats, the smaller dog is shedding less too, so the results we're seeing are great, so much so I've just ordered another container!  

I really hope the results continue, as nothing else has worked this well for the smaller dog! 

It seems like we've tried it all with the smaller dog, his expensive medicine (14 pills are $50 and he needs it daily during these seasons), all the dogs are on a high-quality grain-free food, we've done the elimination diet, skin testing, blood tests, special shampoos, topicals and at best especially with the smaller dog, the allergies are  merely lessened with the medicine! 

So far since using Solid Gold SeaMeal we haven't had to use the medicine at all, so as you can imagine I really hope the results continue and that Chewy continues to carry it!