I’m more than a number!

I’m more than a number! I’m more than a number…. Some simply see us as numbers, but we live, breath, love and have emotions. Now we simply are a number to many.

I may have been some child’s companion, I may have been a longtime faithful family member, or I’m simply not the kitten or puppy I once was and now I have grey around my muzzle. You may be moving, divorcing, having a baby or you may have simply used me to make money off my babies, who also may have ended up in a place just like this since there are already so many of us in the world who don’t have a safe, loving home or the only thing we may have done, was simply be born.

I am more than a number; I may never know sun on my face again or even know kindness or love. Let’s be honest I may never even make it out of here, but I once had a life, I once had a name and I wasn’t simply a number.

My one wish is not for myself but that those around me make it out of here alive to have the life and love I thought I once had or hoped to have had, that they are never merely a number again but have a name.

Love a shelter animal

E. Bonaldo Rescue and Foster mom 6/26/16

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